The People's Committee of Hanoi has kicked off a campaign to make the capital greener, cleaner and more beautiful and control traffic chaos.

The Nguyen Quoc Cu, head of Thanh Xuan district's Residential Block 14, welcomed the campaign. He said that a 2010 crackdown on street vendors doing illegal business on the pavement and residents illegally parking vehicles there had been successful until last year.

Director of the city's Transport Department Vu Van Vien said that under the campaign, the city would focus on inspecting pavements to ensure they were not encroached on by local residents or street vendors.

The city had also speeded up the compilation of behaviour codes for Hanoians to be issued this year, he said.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that Hanoi had been ordered to ensure that all citizens were aware of traffic safety regulations. Additionally, the city's authority was asked to strictly fine people who encroached on pavements.

Chairman of the capital People's Committee Nguyen The Thao said that following the campaign, the city would put all cables underground and arrange places for street vendors to do business to prevent them from illegally encroaching on pavements. The public lighting system would also be improved.

"I called upon all local citizens to promote Hanoians' civilised and elegant characteristics," Thao said.

People were asked to aid in the campaign by following traffic rules and keeping the city clean and green, he said.-VNA