Happiness and excitement are the emotions of the people living in the capital before the holidays of April 30 (Reunification day) and May 1 (International labor day).

To prepare for these holidays, Hanoi's authority has carried out many decoration and propaganda activities as well as visual promotion from the end of April.

This is not only an opportunity for people to understand more about historical values and meanings, but also a chance to promote patriotism and national pride.

The 30/4 and 1/5 holidays of this year take place at a time when the capital has just entered a "new normal". The city is also preparing for the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

This year's decoration and promotion activities are generally somewhat simple but remain elegant and solemn.

Along with the national and Communist party flags, color-printed panels, posters, and banners are hung at junctions, intersections, and major roads.

For people living in the capital, the image of a bright red street always brings joy and excitement to them. And the whole city seems to be more bustling than ever with those decorations.

People living in many large apartment buildings in Hanoi have hung the national flag on their balconies.

The image of the whole tall building showing a uniformed bright red color from multiple national flags has drawn attention on social networks in recent days, raising pride and national spirit./.