Visitors to the exhibition of dog paintings gathering 18 Vietnamese contemporary artists. (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - A little dog waiting at a gate, a stone dog statue guarding a door and a mother dog clinging to her babies are three of the paintings at an exhibition currently underway in Hanoi.

Stone Dog by Pham Binh Chuong.

To celebrate the Year of the Dog, the exhibition showcased 30 paintings of 18 Vietnamese contemporary artists, including Phan Cam Thuong, Thanh Chuong, Do Dung and Pham An Hai.

Waiting by Pham Binh Chuong.

They all find inspiration from dogs – the animal designation of this year, creating a variety of feelings among the gallery’s visitors.

The exhibition is expected to become a unique event to celebrate the year 2018 and become a highlight for Vietnamese arts this year.

Mother and Baby Dogs by Pham Ha Hai.

The event will also help visitors gain new insights and interesting experiences regarding man’s best friend.

The artworks were created in various materials such as acrylic, lacquer, oil on canvas, watercolour and ceramics showing the different way artists approach the theme, said painter Phan Cam Thuong.

“Each has his or her own style and inspiration to bring amazing feelings to the audience,” he said.

“When the Lunar New Year comes, Vietnamese painters tend to paint on the theme of the zodiac animal of the year, creating an interesting genre of Vietnamese fine arts.”

The exhibition will run until March 10 at Dong A Gallery, 115 Nguyen Thai Hoc street. Admission is free.-VNA