Hanoi in seasonal transition

Temperatures in Hanoi have been gradually rising and everyone can feel the summer approaching. This, however, is the most beautiful time of year in Vietnam’s capital. People seem to slow down to enjoy the transition.

Golden sunrays gently seep through every gap in the leaves.

A mixture of green, red, and yellow make up an Indian-almond canopy.

And the bright colours of young leaves and flowers.

Hanoi at this time presents a colourful scene.

The picture of transition in Hanoi is not only about the changing foliage but also its various colours of flowers. Such romantic scenes make people, especially foreign tourists, long to capture the transitional moments in memorable photos.

The beautiful weather also seems also to enhance people’s taste buds.

The picturesque scene resembles poetry, evoking a sense of inexplicable tranquillity in everyone./.

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