A grand ceremony was held at the Hanoi Opera House on Dec. 9 to mark the theatre’s centenary.

Addressing the ceremony, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh affirmed that through many ups and downs in history, Hanoi Opera House has become a popular cultural symbol of the capital city.

On the occasion, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Uong Chu Luu, on behalf of Party and State leaders, handed over the Labour Order to the Management Board of the theatre for their contributions to national construction and defence over the past years.

The minister also presented certificates of merit to members of the Board.
Located several hundreds metres east of Hoan Kiem Lake , Hanoi Opera House is a celebration of French architecture and typical Gothic and mosaic characters.

Renowned for its outstanding architecture, Hanoi Opera House has long been a rendezvous for those who love theatrical performance and traditional songs and music, symphonies, opera and classical music.

A tourist attraction for local and foreign visitors, its construction started in 1901 and was completed in 1911. Previously there was a large pond on the site, adjacent to the city gate of Tay Long (also called Tay Luong) of the ancient Thang Long Capital. The builders encountered many difficulties because the foundations of the theatre were built on reclaimed land.

The Hanoi Opera House is of the same architectural style as its French counterpart. Foreign architects have said that due to being built after the Paris Opera House, the Hanoi Opera House avoids superfluous architectural details, which make it even more magnificent and attractive.

In 1997, the theatre was repaired and modernised under the management of two Vietnamese French architects, Ho Thieu Tri and Hoang Phuc Sinh.

The original architecture of the three-storey theatre was retained and decorative designs on the ceiling, arches, walls, and doors were renewed. The three-metre high stage and the 600-seat audience hall were also modernised.

The theatre has been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for all types of musical performances, from folk music, ballet and piano to classical opera, reformed opera, Vietnamese operetta and drama, all of which have made great impressions on the audience. The Hanoi Opera House has also successfully organised many international concerts.

The Hanoi Opera House is a significant artistic centre and a cultural and architectural icon of Vietnam ’s capital city./.