In order to maintain stability, security and order, the municipal People’s Committee of Hanoi on Aug. 18 issued an announcement, ordering an end to all spontaneous gatherings, demonstrations and parades in the city.

The announcement said that on Sundays from June 2011 till now, spontaneous gatherings, demonstrations and parades have taken place to protest against China ’s violations of Vietnam ’s sea and island sovereignty.

During the first days, these events generated a patriotic and spirited response from the public. Recently, taking advantage of people’s patriotism, anti-State forces in the country and abroad have appealed, stimulated and guided people to demonstrate and parade, threatening security and order in the capital city.

Those spontaneous gatherings, demonstrations and parades affected the order and safety of society and the image of the capital city of Hanoi , a city of peace. They contained implicit elements, causing political instability and negative impacts on the implementation of foreign policies and relations of the Party and State.

A part of the masses participated in the spontaneous gatherings, demonstrations and parades because they were lacking information and took their participation in these demonstrations as showing their patriotism. Meanwhile, hostile forces in the country and overseas hectically are taking advantage of these issues to carry out activities against the Party and State. Their plots and intentions are to separate the people’s great unity, stimulate national hostility to split the Vietnam-China relations, excite and gather forces to threaten the security, order and political stability of the country.

In implementing the Party and State’s policy to resolutely protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity and ensure a peaceful and friendship environment for national construction and development, the Hanoi People’s Committee assigned the municipal police force to coordinate with authorities at all levels, departments, sectors, the Fatherland Front, social-political and mass organisations to disseminate information and mobilise people to self-consciously abide by, support and actively join relevant forces to maintain security and order.

The city encourages every citizen to actively participate in patriotic movements with practical operations in line with law to ensure national defence and security and contribute to protecting sovereignty and border of the nation./.