Hanoi Water Drainage Company estimates that there are about 10 inner-city sites will be vulnerable to flooding during the rainy season, which is expected to arrive in June, earlier than usual.

General Director of the company, Nguyen Le, said that last year, more than 20 sites experienced serious flooding after rain of up to 100mm.

Le said that improved drainage works at many streets, including Nguyen Xien, Le Trong Tan, Truong Dinh, Linh Nam and Nguyen Luong Bang.

Work had also been done at the intersection of roads, including Dien Bien Phu and Nguyen Tri Phuong - and Hang Chuoi- Pham Dinh Ho.

Le said flooding occurred in areas where new infrastructure projects were under way, such as in Pham Van Dong street, Nhue River Valley, and the western part of West Lake.

"The company also plans to frequently inspect sewage outlets to the Nhue River to ensure that it cannot overflow into inner city areas," he said.

Hanoi's Department for Agriculture and Rural Development began inspecting dyke systems and irrigation projects early this month ahead of the rainy season expected in June.-VNA