In a major change in Vietnamese education, the national high school graduation and the university admission exams have been fused into one.

The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) announced the new policy on February 26.

The upcoming academic year's high school graduation and university entrance exams will be held from June 1 to 14 this year in eight subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, literature, history, geography, and foreign languages.

To graduate from high school, students have to take test in three compulsory subjects (maths, literature and foreign language) and one optional subject.

They have to take extra tests in other subjects according to their chosen majors and universities that they want to seek admission in.

Students who were members of national teams attending International Olympic competitions in foreign languages or possess certificates specified by MoET regulations will be exempt from sitting for the foreign language exam.

The exams will be divided into two groups: the first one for students who want to be considered for both high school graduation and university acceptance from at least two provinces or cities, and the second one who only want to graduate from high school. This latter exam will be organised at their own high schools or others in their localities.

Students who want to sit for the exams will have to submit required registration documents before April 30, the new regulation states.

Exam questions will be based on the high school curriculum, focusing mainly on the 12th grade.

Another change that the new regulation introduces is in marking.

Bonus points ranging from 0.25 to four, based on various criteria, will be awarded to ethnic minority students and national contest award winners who belong to families that are beneficiaries of national preferential policies (like war invalids).

To graduate from school students have to score at least five points. The points are calculated based on their scores in the exam (scoring more than one point in each of their four subjects - 3 majors and one elective), the average of 12th grade scores, and applicable bonus points.

Students will be provided with four provisional mark lists that can be used to apply for admission to universities and/or colleges. Each mark list can be used to register for a maximum of four majors in each university or college.

The MoET has directed universities and colleges to use the results of the high school graduation exam for enrollment purposes.-VNA