Ha Thi Khiet, Party Central Committee Secretary and head of the Party Commission for Mass Mobilisation, has paid a working visit to Austria.

At a working session with a delegation of the Communist Party of Austria (KPO), in Vienna on August 14, Khiet affirmed that Vietnam is always grateful for the valuable assistance provided by Communists, left-wing forces and people of Austria.

She noted the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) follows with keen interest the KPO’s activities, and hoped the position of the KPO, as well as Communists and left-wing forces, will be further consolidated in the future.

Khiet confirmed that Vietnam pursues a foreign policy for peace, independence and development, creating regional and international environments conducive to national construction and defence.

She spoke of recent tensions in the East Sea following China’s illegal deployment of its oil rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 in Vietnamese waters, saying Vietnam is determined to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity through peaceful means and in accordance with international law.

She appreciated strong support of the international community, including left-wing forces, in Vietnamese people’s struggle for justice.

KPO leaders stressed the importance of further studying the Marxist theory and Vietnam’s success story in the Doi Moi (Renewal) process.

They invited a CPV delegation to attend the 36 th Congress of the KPO that is slate for mid October 2014.

At the working session, both sides shared experience in Party building and development in difficult times, and exchanged views on policies for women, youth and their relationship with other organisations.

Khiet also had a working session with Maria Rauch-Kallat, former Minister of Health and Women, during which they discussed issues relating to gender equality, women’s role in politics, economy, and society, as well as measures to foster these objectives.

Kallat invited Vietnam to attend a global women forum to be held in Austria this September.

While in Austria, Khiet visited the Vietnamese Embassy and met with representatives of the Vietnamese community./.