For the first time, “The essence of Vietnamese tea” festival will be held in Hoi An, bringing together a large number of tea researchers, artisans, and tea lovers from around the country.

Taking place over three days from December 30, the festival features interesting activities such as “Tea tasting and exchanges with artisans”, “Tea, poetry and photography”, and a New Year’s tea ceremony, among others. Spaces will be created for visitors to experience tea and meditation, royal tea, folk tea, Hanoi footpath tea, and southern iced tea.

Hoi An is also preparing products with messages on green tourism, such as “Artistic and Creative Road”, with a space for artworks made from recycled materials, and the Hoi An marine environment installation art festival and green tourism fair. All aim to inspire and raise awareness among the tourism community and visitors about sustainable tourism.

In addition to new activities mentioned above, end-of-year traditional festivals that are trademarks of Hoi An will also be maintained, such as the lantern festival. This promises to offer visitors from near and far a great experience when visiting the ancient town./.