Given the insatiable demand on swimming classes for kids in the central coastal city of Da Nang, numerous hotels within the locality have held swimming training courses at their facilities. The classes have eased the city’s burden of popularising swimming skills for local children.

Summer has just got started but every single swimming pool within the city is jammed with kids learning swimming. Some early bird parents have even registered their kids for swimming classes since March.

Nguyen Thi Cuc, a local parent: "Now I have no choices. I didn’t register fast enough so every pool is full. This pool also has very few vacancies at 8 a.m but I had no other better options."

Given the overload capacity of local swimming pools, hotels and resorts have opened swimming classes for kids. Despite higher tuition fee, these classes are still favoured by lots of parents.

Tran Huu Thanh Thao, a local parent: "Fewer children in a class is more effective as one instructor can not handle too many learners."

Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh, Physical Education Teacher at Hoang Van Thu Primary School, Da Nang City: "The ratio of 1 teacher and 3 pupils in swimming classes is effective for children to acquire skills and knowledge."

With enterprises joining hands in popularising lifesaving skills for kids, pressure on municipal education sector is now a bit eased. For example, swimming instructors in Nui Thanh Primary School had to work very hard as large influx of pupils in summer until this year, the number is decreased by some 30%.

Nguyen Duc Tu, Physical Education Teacher at Nui Thanh Primary School, Da Nang City: "The number of pupils participating in summer swimming class is smaller compared to that of previous years as there are now more options for parents. Not to mention, many private swimming pools have state-of-art facility."

57 swimming pools in Da Nang city have now funded by the local government to provide services for schools. This year, the city is expected to have additional 20 swimming pools in order to meet local parents’ demand for summer swimming classes for kids.

Besides, the participation of private sector in providing swimming classes has also contributed to the popularisation of life-saving skills for kids in Da Nang.-VNA