This years biennial Hue Festival, held in the former imperial city of Hue , will feature 40 different groups of performers from nearly 30 countries from all five continents and run from April 7-15.

From France , the street performing act Carabosse will bring a unique fire lighting act to the festival. While the Combo Box and Ego will also play their brand of jazz along various streets.

The Nantes based trio Smooth, is a jazz-funk / electronic outfit, who first got together in 2005. Their music is a mix of influences from different times and places that could easily have been played in a 1960s underground venue in London or a Berlin café in the 70s.

Many have put together special acts to perform at the festival, including “ Russia , My Love” by the Raduga dance troupe from Khabarovsk in Russia .

Added to this, Deep Roots, a Cuban folk group, will bring a colourful and exciting dancing and singing performance to the festival.

The band Cuartoelemento from Argentina , singer Manou Gallo and composer Max Vandervorst from Belgium are also set to entertain the public with their unique performances.

All the acts will give their first performance for patients in hospitals in Hue and for workers and soldiers throughout the city.-VNA