In the context of Tien Phong National Marathon 2021, the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Gia Lai province and Tien Phong newspaper co-organized the “Gong festival night” art show with the theme “The dream of the jungle” at the Solidarity Square (Pleiku city). The show gathered a lot of artists from the gong art troupe in Dak Doa District, Pleiku City, and the Dam San General Music and Dance Theater.

The show lasted for 90 minutes and was divided into two parts: “The identity of the Central Highland’s culture” and “The Lullaby of the mountains”, which recreated the typical culture of Gia Lai from the past.

These cultures are the unique beauty of the customs, festivals, heroic epic figures of the Central Highlands in general, and Gia Lai in particular. The works simulated the illustrious feats of national heroes, which expressed the harmony between man and nature, and praised the perfect beauty of the mountains. A modern but still exudes the breath of great vitality of the high forest, of the Central Highlands forest beauty, has been preserving for generations.

Especially, the appearances of Miss Vietnam, as well as runner-ups and other contestants interacting with Coach Kiatisak and the players of Hoang Anh Gia Lai football club, made the atmosphere of the night more vibrant.

Through the show, Gia Lai Province and the Organizing Tien Phong National Marathon Organizing Committee brought athletes and visitors a music-culture party imbued with the identity of the jungle, of the ethnic groups in Gia Lai province in particular and the Central Highlands in general./.