Indonesia: 2017 investment surges 13.1 percent hinh anh 1Indonesia's 2017 investment surges 13.1 percent (Source: AFP)

Hanoi (VNA) – Indonesia invested 692.8 trillion IDR (51.7 billion USD) in 2017, up 13.1 percent year on year, said an official from the Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) of Indonesia.

According to Azhar Lubis, about 430.5 trillion IDR (32.1 billion USD) of the amount was invested at home, mostly in Jakarta, West Java, East Java, Banten and Mid Java.
The rest went abroad, mostly to Singapore, Japan, China, China’s Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, and the Republic of Korea.
As many as 1,176,353 people were recruited in the year, Azhar added.

The Government of Indonesia has launched 16 packages of economic reform since 2014, aiming to lure foreign investment.

According to the Bank of Indonesia, as of the end of January 2018, foreign investment inflow to the Indonesian market will reach 46 trillion IDR (3.54 billion USD), an increase of over 200 percent year on year.-VNA