Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called for maintaining economic stability ahead of the country’s parliamentary and presidential elections, which are slated for April and July.

While presiding over a cabinet meeting on February 27 to assess impacts of the national economic conditions on the upcoming elections, the President stressed that the Indonesian Government should give priority to stabilise its macroeconomy to ensure that these important elections will be successful.

Chief Economic Minister Hatta Rajasa stated after the meeting that President Yudhoyono has issued directives with regard to keeping food prices stable, curbing inflation and maintaining stability of the rupiah exchange rate, especially against the USD.

The President has put forth anticipatory measures to prevent impacts of the upcoming dry season on agricultural production, Hatta remarked.

The minister noted that the President urged the Ministry of Public Works to swiftly repair transport infrastructures damaged by natural disasters and rains.

At the meeting, President Yudhoyono has also asked to optimise the spending for programmes approved by the Government and the House of Representatives.-VNA