The Government Inspectorate will focus on improving the quality of its work in 2014, ensuring the accuracy and objectiveness of its investigations.

Addressing a press briefing in Hanoi on January 10, Deputy Inspector General Tran Duc Luong strongly stated that the agency will place more importance on inspecting financial transactions in construction, land and natural resources management, State budget collection and public procurement.

Inspections will be held more regularly and on a surprise basis, he said, stressing the need to supervise the operation of inspectors and publicising the work’s results.

According to Luong, this year the sector will focus on handling 62 unanswered complaints still pending investigation.

Last year, the agency conducted a total of 8,921 administrative inspections. They detected the misuse of 326.5 trillion VND (15.5 billion USD) and 4,520 ha of land. As a result, more than 25 trillion VND and 3,653 hectares of land were reclaimed while more than 1,580 collectives and 2,675 individuals were fined for administrative violations. The inspection sector also transferred 72 cases to investigation agencies.

The sector also uncovered 45 corruption cases involving 99 suspects and 354 billion VND. More than 229 billion VND was reclaimed while 10 collectives and 104 individuals were fined for their corrupt acts. At the same time, 26 cases and 39 suspects were transferred to investigation agencies.

Luong also made it clear that declarations of property of Cabinet members have been presented to the National Assembly and Party Committees.-VNA