A survey by Asahi Shimbun daily announced on Feb. 21 showed that the support rate for Prime Minister Naoto Kan ’s Cabinet plunged to a record low of 20 percent compared to 26 percent in last month’s survey.

According to the survey, 49 percent of interviewees want Kan to resign soon and 30 percent feel he should remain at the post.

Those who don’t support Kan said they are not pleased with the PM’s ways to deal with economic and diplomatic issues as well as the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)’s attitude while addressing issues relating to its former President Ichiro Ozawa.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by Mainichi newspaper late last week showed the approval rate for the current cabinet leader fell to 19 percent compared to 29 percent in its survey one month ago.

This was the first time the support rate for the DPJ’s cabinet dropped to under 20 percent since the party came to power in September 2009./.