Capturing images of red-shanked douc langurs has long been a passion for journalists in Da Nang city. Beyond the hobby, they also hope to convey the message of protecting the primate.

For many years, taking photos of red-shanked douc langurs has been a passion of journalist Le Hai Son.

The journalist spends all his spare time in Son Tra Nature Reserve to capture the colourful hair and eye-catching moments of the langurs.

Le Hai Son, Journalist of VoV The Voice of Vietnam: "Not many people can capture the beautiful moments of the langurs. Some have very stunning views of them. That’s why my friends and I come here often to capture the moments."

As for journalist Dang Thanh Hoa from the Vietnam Pictorial, after a long time working on the topic, taking photos of the primate has become his passion.

Dang Thanh Hoa, Journalist of Vietnam Pictorial under Vietnam News Agency: "The langurs have many cute expressions and gestures. It’s hard to take photos of them because they are wild animals and do not stay still for long."

Besides Son and Hoa, many other journalists in Da Nang city share the hobby for red-shanked douc langurs. Through the photos, they hope to protect the primate, which is listed in the Vietnam Red Book.

Duong Thanh Tung, Journalist of Dai Doan Ket newspaper: "Beyond our passion, we want to, through our photos, call on the community to protect the primate which is  in danger of extinction."

The precious moments captured by the journalists not only show the beauty of the langurs but also give an insight into the protection of the primate in Son Tra peninsular – the pearl of Da Nang city.-VNA