The Bat Xat - Lao Cai autumn festival takes place from July to October and has attracted over 60,000 visitors so far.

The “Flying over the golden paddies” paragliding event organised in Dền Thàng, Sàng Ma Sáo, and Mường Hum communes is among the most novel and adventurous experiences, attracting 66 pilots and about 1,500 visitors.

An off-road driving programme was also held as part of the festival, attracting some 25 drivers from clubs inside and outside of the province showing off their off-road driving skills on challenging local backroads. 

Not just a popular destination for adventure sport lovers, the Bát Xát autumn festival is also famed for its stunning locations, many which have been recognised as national cultural heritage sites.

With many unique tourism offerings, Bát Xát is striving to become a tourist spot in Lao Cai province and attract 1.2 million visitors a year by 2025./.