The 9th National Congress of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) successfully concluded on March 21 after five days of sitting, with Chummaly Sayasone being re-elected as General Secretary of the LPRP Central Committee.

At the closing ceremony, Politburo member and Vice President of Laos BunnhangVolachit reported the result of the elections of the LPRP Central Committee on March 20, with 61 people elected to the 9th National Party Central Committee.

The first session of the 9th Party Central Committee on March 21 elected an 11-member Politburo, a nine-member Secretariat and a seven-member Central Inspection Commission.

Politburo member and Deputy Prime Minister Somsavad Lengsavath read the congress’ resolution, saying that the congress agreed to the review and assessment of the implementation of the eighth Congress’ Resolution, particularly outstanding results in defence, security, socio-economic development, consolidation and completion of the state administrative system, the Party’s public work, external work and international integration and the Party building work.

The results of the past five years have created foundations and a new momentum for the further development of the country towards the set target and orientations.

The congress contributed active opinions and thorough analysis of shortcomings in the Party’s leadership and instruction which are the reasons for the implementation of key tasks in a number of fields that failed to fulfil requirements.

Based on the results, the congress affirmed its determination to bring the country forward and fulfill the goal of a wealthy people, a strong country, a united solidarity, democratic, just and civilized society under the slogan: “Enhancing the entire people’s solidarity and unity in the Party, increasing the Party’s role and leadership capacity, creating a breakthrough in implementing renewal policy, building a solid foundation for bringing the country out of underdevelopment by 2020 and continuing to advance towards socialism”.

The congress adopted a number of major important targets to be implemented from now until 2015. They included political stability, unceasing and solid economic development, the number of poverty-stricken households making up less than 10 percent of the country’s total by 2015 and Laos having a great number of international friends and an enhanced capacity for regional and international integration.

Party General Secretary Chummaly Sayasone said the 9th National LPRP Congress has successfully ended. This is the congress of high unanimity, solidarity and revolutionary will, and the Party’s firm belief to bring the country towards the development target.

The success of the 9th congress affirmed the Party’s maturity and growth in terms of politics, ideology and organisation, he said, adding that the congress’ adopted political report and resolution are an important political programme for the Party in coming years./.