Deputies suggested the draft revised Investment Law provide more concrete regulations on attracting investment, especially in agriculture and rural areas.

At the ongoing eighth session of the 13 th National Assembly on November 10, lawmakers spoke highly of the draft amendments to the law, saying that they would help refine mechanisms, policies and administrative procedures for investments, thus creating a clear, open and transparent environment for investors.

However, deputies pointed out a number of overlaps in the list of prohibited investment areas, adding that it also included non-business activities such as trade arbitration.

They therefore proposed a careful review of the list and subsequent adjustments.

According to Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh, the bill is a new approach to law-making, since it explicitly lists the prohibited business activities in the law, which means that all non-listed business activities are legal.

Regarding investment incentives for agriculture and rural areas, some legislators suggested specific regulations on investment incentives since they are now stipulated in different legal documents, causing difficulties for investors.

They disagreed with a regulation on incentives for agricultural projects with 500 workers or more, explaining that a 300-strong workforce was already suitable.-VNA