Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) held a seminar in Hanoi in an effort to complete Vietnam ’s laws on labour and trade unions.

The three-day seminar beginning on September 10 drew the participation of VGCL and ILO officials, and representatives of provincial trade unions, who are to discuss and contribute their ideas for the amendments to the laws.

After the 19-year implementation of the law on trade unions, it seemed that the law needed a number of amendments, VGCL Vice President said at the gathering.

The purpose of the amendments is to make the law suitable and compatible with the development of trade unions and the working class as well as international law, he added.

Furthermore, once amended, the law will help to better protect the rights of the working class, the VGCL official noted.

Addressing the seminar, ILO senior expert Ahn Pong Sul said his organisation will try its best to help Vietnam in the effort.

The amendments to laws on labour and trade unions should meet two targets, including ensuring the working class’s rights and reflecting the expectations of the employers’ circle, he added./.