The Ministry of Construction has set the target of increasing average living space per person to 21.5 square metres this year, 0.9 m2 more than the figure of 2014.

A total 92 million m2 of floor space were commissioned last year, including around 800,000 m2 of social housing floor, thus adding 1 m2 to the average living space per capita. The average figure for urban areas was 23 m2, and 19.5 m2 in rural areas.

Besides efforts to implement the national strategy for housing development, the ministry has carried out a number of housing programmes designed especially for the poor, beneficiaries of the State’s preferential policies and residents in flood-prone areas in the central region and the Mekong Delta.

By the end of 2014, a housing programme for those who have rendered services to the revolution helped build 40,800 houses, or 57.3 percent of the target.

Meanwhile, a scheme on building elevated residential areas and flood-resistant housing in the Mekong Delta has almost been completed, establishing 178 out of the target 179 residential areas. Approximately 42,790 households out of the target 56,520 households have been relocated to those residential areas.

Another plan on helping 40,500 poor families in the central region construct flood-resistant houses with a budget of 1,157 billion VND (55 million USD) was launched in September 2014.

At the same time, the Construction Ministry is working hard to finalise Phase two of Programme 167 on housing assistance for the poor, which aims to improve living conditions for 510,700 households.

The social housing programme also produced positive results in 2014, with 102 projects completed nationwide. They included 38 housing projects with 19,686 apartments for low-income earners, 64 projects with 20,277 apartments designed specifically for workers. Another 150 projects are underway, which will provide a total of 122,583 apartments to low-income earners and workers.

In addition, the housing programme for students has built 75 dormitories, providing accommodations for around 145,000 students.-VNA