Hanoi these days shines with vibrant summer flowers, including lotus. Different from other vivid flowers, lotus has its own uniqueness, helping cool the hot summer air in the capital.

When mentioning lotus, one must have been thinking of lotus in Hanoi’s West lake. Yet, lotus lovers in the city now start bearing in mind a special lotus lake in Ninh Xa village, Ninh So commune, Thuong Tin district, where is home to various species of lotus.

The 8,000sq.m lotus lake is 18km away from Hanoi centre. It is renowned by different lotus varieties, including white lotus, Bodhisatva’s lotus and white, pink-edged one with double petals.

Indulging a passion for lotus photography, Đình Thảo has arrived here very early. Having visited many places to take photos of lotus, however, this is his first time in Ninh Xa lotus lake.

Though also being an amateur photographer like Đình Thảo, Thu Giang comes to the lotus lake this time as a model.

To successfully grow those rare species within the lake, lotus lake owner Nguyen Van Hanh has exerted his all-out effort to study lotus varieties and cultivation. Since its inauguration in 2012, he now has managed to grow 12 species, including 6 white species, 5 pink ones and 1 from the Southern Vietnam.

Ninh Xa lotus lake is also an attractive getaway destination for youngsters at the weekends, where they can enjoy the fresh smell and sheer beauty of the flower.

Chris Choi – Visitor from RoK

Twelve varieties of lotus do not blossom at the same time, but enjoying the light and relaxing aroma of lotus only can offer visitors unforgettable memories.-VNA