In June, our reporters had a chance to sail off Truong Sa (known as Spratly) archipelago on which Vietnamese navy soldiers safeguard the sovereignty of the nation’s sea and islands. We were touched by the special sentiments of mainlanders to Truong Sa and the soldiers.

Truong Sa archipelago is situated in the southeast of the East Sea. It consists of more than 100 islands, sandbars, coral dunes and underwater islets.

For each Vietnamese person, Truong Sa is an inseparable part of the nation. Soldiers there have devoted themselves to safeguarding sovereignty.

Regardless of geographical distance, naval vessels pay regular visits to Truong Sa, bringing essential commodities, gifts and sentiments from mainlanders.

After two-day sailing, Mrs Ha TuyetNhung sees her son for the first time in nearly two years.

Born into a wealthy family in Ho Chi Minh City, her son, Tran Ha Duy decided to join the army after passing the entrance exam into Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry.

Mrs. Le ThiThuy is happy to see her husband. Besides the happiness of the reunion day, Thuy is proud to tread the nation’s sacred soil.

Similar to Thuy, Ms Pham Thi Dung met her husband again after one and a half years. Her husband began serving on Son Caisland, Truong Sa archipelago two months after their weeding. Phone calls and letters have narrowed the distance between them.

Despite difficulties, Truong Sa soldiers are prepared to defend national sovereignty over sea and islands. In addition to youthful enthusiasm and willingness to sacrifice for national sovereignty, the soldiers always take with them special sentiments from mainlanders.-VNA