Bangkok (VNA/NNT) – The Sultan of Kelantan, Malaysia, has contributed 500,000 baht to help the flood affected public in Narathiwat province of Thailand through his representatives of the province's Islamic commission.

Delegates from Malaysia representing Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan has visited Narathiwat provincial Islamic committee to deliver 50,000 Malaysian ringgit, worth 500,000 baht, to finance the restoration of Islamic sites and facilities damaged from flooding in the province.

The chair of the Narathiwat provincial Islamic committee Safiee Jehloh said he was delighted by the grace of the Kelantan Sultan, saying that Narathiwat and Kelantan have both enjoyed long and prosperous relations, and have mutually assisted each other during times of disaster.

He thanked the Malaysian Sultan on behalf of all Narathowat public for the assistance bestowed to the province on this occasion.-VNA/NNT