Nguyen Duc Phuc’s The Gioi Ti Hon (Tiny World) store in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City sells scale assembly models under a variety of themes which the 31-year-old founder and his team have created during the past five years.

The store’s signature products are the Saigon-themed ones.

Visitors to Duc’s store often could not help feeling amazed to see hundreds of lifelike palm-sized street food carts, groceries, and barber shops which are made in sophisticated detail.

Duc said his own childhood memory has motivated him to bring back the old Saigon that he loved when he was little.

The first product about Saigon was a miniature version of a grocery store made from Duc’s impression of a small shop down an alley where he often stopped by for snacks when he was a kid. It was a simple model which surprisingly received positive feedback when he shared pictures of it on social media.

Joy from the first success urged Duc to go forward. He later created a bigger model depicting a whole street in Saigon with storefronts, barber shops, comic book shops, and more.

Without a professional training background, he admitted that his works were not always perfect in terms of technical requirements. But, he added, he was always open to feedback.

In the future, Duc hopes to create more miniature versions of other places across Vietnam./.