Measures sought to boost lychee sales in domestic, foreign markets hinh anh 1Many businesses and supermarkets have taken steps to boost lychee sales (Photo: VietnamPlus)
Hanoi (VNA) - Over the past days, about 80,000 tonnes of early-ripening lychees have been sold, with about 36 percent shipped abroad and the rest in the domestic market.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) said wholesale and traditional markets are currently the main distribution channels for the fruit. Only some 1 percent of the early-ripening lychee volume has been sold via e-commerce platforms, but this channel is viewed as an important promotional method for lychees, which are now in season.

Le Viet Nga, Deputy Director of the MoIT’s Domestic Market Department, has granted an interview to Vietnamplus reporters about authorities’ moves to boost lychee sales.

- Bac Giang province said it has geared up for three lychee sale scenarios, with the volume sold in the domestic market to be raised to 60 - 90 percent of the total if the pandemic remains unchecked. What has the MoIT done to support the sale of lychees?

Le Viet Nga: The MoIT has been assisting the provinces with a large lychee output for many years such as Bac Giang, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, and Quang Ninh, where lychees are cultivated in concentrated areas and have a very short harvest season (about four weeks).

The MoIT has devised appropriate strategies for fruit transportation and purchase for both export and sale in the domestic market so as to ensure the best prices for farmers.

This year, the COVID-19 resurgence with new variants has been hitting some provinces and cities, especially those with strong lychee consumption like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which has posed major challenges.

The Domestic Market Department has held many working sessions with the HCM City People’s Committee and Department of Industry and Trade to devise appropriate response plans.

According to Bac Giang’s report, the province is taking action under the second scenario, in which the pandemic is controllable, with about 70 percent of the output put on the domestic market and 30 percent for export.

In fact, over the past days, 36 percent of the lychee output has been exported, 63 percent sold in the domestic market, and one percent for sale via e-commerce and other channels.

- The southern region is considered a key market for lychees of the main crop. However, due to concerns about obstacles to goods transportation, Bac Giang province has proposed “green lanes” for the fruit. What has the MoIT planned to support the sale in the domestic market?

Le Viet Nga: The MoIT has been assigned by the Government to draft procedures for purchasing and transporting agricultural products in the context of spreading COVID-19 outbreaks. It has issued Document No 1083/CV-BCT, based on the Ministry of Health’s health safety guidelines for persons delivering and handling goods.

Measures sought to boost lychee sales in domestic, foreign markets hinh anh 2Le Viet Nga, Deputy Director of the MoIT’s Domestic Market Department (Photo: VietnamPlus)
It will be very favourable if localities are unanimous in supporting goods transportation and take creative steps to create “green lanes” for farm produce.

The MoIT will organise more meetings with other ministries and sectors to further reform transportation procedures for seasonal farm produce which are farmed on large scale and harvested in a short period of time like lychees.

- A number of documents and directions have been issued by the Government, ministries, and sectors, but many difficulties remain. Do you have any recommendations for providing the best possible support for the sale of lychees as well as other farm produce that are now in the harvest season?

Le Viet Nga: The first measure is to protect the domestic market, firstly the main distribution systems for lychees like wholesale markets.

All distribution networks should be mobilised to boost lychee sales. The MoIT has ordered the Domestic Market Department to coordinate with localities and distribution systems to double lychee sales compared to the highest levels recorded in previous years.

In addition, the department has asked for more favourable conditions to be created for lychee transportation. Ministries and localities will sit down to seek ways to ensure the pandemic is controlled while the fruit can be delivered to the targeted destinations as soon as possible such as HCM City and Mekong Delta provinces, which have very high demand for lychees at present.

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