An international conference on minerals, to provide overseas experts and investors in the field with information on Vietnam's potential in this sector and how to invest more effectively in the country's mining industry, was held in Hanoi on June 28.

Jointly organised by the General Department of Geology and Minerals (GDGM) from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the international trade magazine on minerals Metalbual, the conference attracted almost 200 participants from many countries across the world.

According to the Deputy Director of the GDGM, Do Canh Duong, Vietnam has abundant supplies of various kinds of minerals including lead, zinc, limestone, copper and magnesium, however, the minerals industry has suffered from a severe lack of investment.

Vietnam is very enthusiastic about working with overseas scientists and investors to extract and process the country’s existing mineral resources using modern methods, to reduce the country’s worsening environmental pollution, said Duong.

During the conference, the participants discussed the development of the minerals industry in Vietnam and the country's policies to attract more investment.-VNA