Hanoi (VNA) – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong asked the Directorate of Water Resources (DWR) to draw out a drought map for the central region during a working session with ministry-level units in Hanoi on July 22.

Cuong said the World Meteorological Organisation forecast that 2019 will be the hottest year over the past 140 years, resulting in the shortage of water in the region.

The DRW was also required to review demand for water in each area to devise proper measures, as well as adjust the operation of reservoirs during dry season to ensure production.

The National Centre for Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation will help local households build rainy water tanks to ensure sufficient supply during drought, thus spreading effective model in localities.

The Department of Crop Production was assigned to recommend drought-tolerant varieties to replace rice crops and encourage switch to cattle farming.

DWR General Director Nguyen Van Tinh said drought condition in the north central region will prolong till early August with nearly 14,900ha of crops being affected, accounting for nearly 3.2 percent of the total. In the south central, about 54,400ha will be impacted, making up 15 percent of the total.

Nearly 138,800 regional households will lack water for daily use.-VNA