BabyMe, a Vietnamese mobile application for pregnant women and mothers with children under two, will be presented at the Startup Nations Summit 2014.

The summit will be held in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, from November 23 to 25.

The BabyMe app will provide healthcare guidelines for the first 1,000 days of the baby's life, dating from the mother's pregnancy till the baby turns two years old.

Useful functions of the mobile app, such as Mother-to-be, Happy Moment Share and Baby Care, are expected to help reduce health risks for mothers and children. The app will enable users to access information and will increase interaction among mothers, medical workers and medical centres.

BabyMe, developed by the Ga Trong team, won the first prize for being an innovative mobile application at the Vietnam DemoDay 2014, organised by the Business Start-up Support Centre last September.-VNA