This is the first time Soa and Mạo from Simacai district, the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai participated in the Mong’s Tet celebration in Hanoi. Dressing up with their stunning costumes, the girls hope to introduce the unique characteristics of Mong people’s traditional dresses to event goers.

Thao Thi Soa a Mong ethnic woman said: "Today many Mong women still make their dresses by themselves instead of buying or renting them."

New Year celebration of the Mong is divided into two parts: the ritual practices and the celebrations. The Hanoi event touched on the celebration part, aiming at introducing Mong culture and bringing a festive atmosphere of a Tet holiday through their customs, folk music, and traditional games.

Tran Van Hoang a visitor said: "This is the first time I’ve joined this event. I have visited Lao Cai and Dien Bien provinces where many Mong people are living but I still find it interesting that their New Year celebration’s tradition can be found here in Hanoi."

Vang A Cu, a Mong ethnic man said the life was changing, some Mong people now celebrated Western-styled New Year, but some still maintained the traditional way of celebrating Tet festival.

The event was held by Action for H’mong Development, a group of young Mong ethnic people who are living and studying in Hanoi. It also offered a rare chance for Mong ethnic students to celebrate their Tet festival right in the capital city.-VNA