Do Thi Minh Kha from Go Vap district in Ho Chi Minh City found a reputable shop to buy mooncakes as gifts for her family.

Food safety is the first thing she thinks of, followed by quality, price, and packaging.

Viewing it as a competitive edge, many mooncake businesses now pay greater heed to food safety. Having lived with COVID-19 for many months, companies have become proactive in disease prevention and control, focusing on controlling production chains and using technology to ensure safety.

In addition to controlling ingredient supplies, Ho Chi Minh City is also focusing on supervising distribution channels. Local agencies are working hard to address products lacking a clear origin or with poor quality that could harm consumers’ health.

Though this year is substantially different to previous years, companies haven’t narrowed production but instead planned to better meet market needs. Some expect improved turnover, believing that customers will still be willing to pay for traditional flavours during the Mid-Autumn Festival./.