Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that 72 people in Singapore had come down with measles as of April 5 and among them, 23 cases had a travel history to the Philippines.

About half of the 49 local cases were young children who had missed their vaccination, said the ministry.

In view of this, MOH has urged parents to vaccinate their children, saying that those who have not been inoculated against measles should be vaccinated, especially if there is a baby being cared for at home.

According to MOH, in January 2014, the Philippines announced measles outbreaks in a number of cities in Metro Manila and Pampanga. Individuals who travel to the Philippines, including Filipinos living in Singapore who return to the Philippines for a home visit, are also advised to be vaccinated, if they have not been vaccinated against measles, or not had measles before.

The ministry stressed that the risk of a community outbreak of measles in Singapore is low.-VNA