Museums going digital

Digital transformation is a new step for museums in Da Nang to become more appealing to the public, especially to young people who are interested in learning more about artifacts and data resources. It is also more in line with general development trends in the modern world amid a burgeoning information technology boom.

3D scanning technology has been used at the Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture since September 2020, with the aim of bringing the most authentic experience possible to visitors in the Industry 4.0 era.

Over 80 artifacts at the museum have been digitised with QR codes, enabling visitors to readily access extended information.

At the Da Nang Museum, meanwhile, more than 1,000 artifacts have been digitised with explanatory documents. An inventory of all artifacts and the management of heritage and monuments in Da Nang are also being completed through digital maps. This not only helps the public easily discover heritage sites and monuments in the city but also serves as a data bank for research and conservation.

With support in information technology, Da Nang’s museums can now take heritage displays, exhibitions, and educational activities anywhere, in the form of online tours, without being dependent on space, which will also allow for flexibility in adapting to disease conditions./.