A total of 150 delegates from different walks of life are attending a People's Forum in Myanmar which opened on Dec. 28.

The event is held in preparation for hosting the ASE AN People's Forum as Myanmar will serve as chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ( ASE AN) in 2014.

The three-day forum aims to ensure mutual understanding and cooperation among different sectors in society and to share information and experiences in order for the country to overcome challenges and continue its development.

The forum also aims to raise public awareness and seek ways and means to implement suggestions and procedures laid down at last year's ASEAN People's Forum.

The annual ASEAN People's Forum is aimed mainly to promote the role of the people and listen to their voices for the emergence of a people-centred ASEAN. The 10-member bloc is striving towards establishing the ASEAN Community by the end of 2015.

The resolutions that come out from the ASEAN People's Forum are to be submitted to the ASEAN summit.

During Myanmar's one-year term of the ASEAN chair, the country will host more than 240 regional meetings.-VNA