NA debates revisions to Constitution

NA scrutinised proposed revisions to the 1992 Constitution at their plenary sessions on Nov. 15-16.
The National Assembly scrutinised proposed revisions to the 1992 Constitution at their plenary sessions on November 15 and 16, which were broadcast live on national television and radio channels.

Most deputies agreed that the country has reaped historical achievements over 20 years implementing the 1992 Constitution. In light of the new situations in the country as well as great and complicated changes in the world, the 1992 Constitution needs to be revised to ensure synchronous political and economic reforms. The revised Constitution will also facilitate the building of a law-governed socialist State of the people, by the people and for the people as well as a socialist-oriented market economy, while better protecting human rights, fundamental rights and duties for the country’s citizens, thus contributing to the cause of national construction and defence and international integration process.

The NA re-affirmed that the Communist Party of Vietnam is the vanguard and the faithful representative of the rights and interest of the working class as well as of toiling people and of the Vietnamese nation, acting upon Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought. The Party is the force leading the State and society. Many opinions said the proposed revisions have clarified the role, position and responsibility of the Party in relation with the State and society. At the same time, deputies made several suggestions to better explain the nature of the Party.

Many deputies expressed approval of chapter II in the draft which deals with human rights and citizen rights, saying it has clearly presented the content of human rights and citizen rights, the responsibility of the State and society to respect, ensure and protect these rights, while stipulating more rights in line with international treaties on human rights.

Deputy Trieu La Pham from Ha Giang province said one more right should be included in the constitution, which is the right to have land for housing and production. The deputy said this is a matter of great concerns for voters, and it should be considered one of the fundamental human rights.

All speakers shared the same viewpoint that the new constitution must continue to affirm the nature and the general model of the political system and the State apparatus as stipulated in the 1992 Constitution: The Vietnamese State is a law-governed socialist state of the people, by the people, for the people; all state power belongs to the people; State power is unified with assignment and coordination among State agencies in exercising legislative, executive and judicial powers.

One of the issues that received different opinions was the legal position of People’s Councils, which is related to the unified State power. However, most opinions agreed to the need to stipulate clearly the principle for power division between central and local levels.

The deputies stressed that revising the Constitution is an important task which must be conducted in a serious and scientific manner under the leadership of the Party, with the involvement of specialists, scientists and managing officials. A referendum will be held to collect opinions from the public and organisations.-VNA

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