National Assembly deputies on October 23 heard a report on the NA’s draft resolution on procedures for the votes of confidence for positions elected or approved by the National Assembly and local People’s Councils.

According to the report, the building of this resolution aims to strengthen the efficiency of supervision, ensuring that the NA and the People’s Councils will better implement their responsibilities of the agencies of State power representing the people in supervising the performance of those holding positions elected or approved by the NA and People’s Councils, thus further raising their responsibilities before the NA and People’s Councils as well as voters nationwide and each locality.

The NA Standing Committee suggested the NA collect votes of confidence for NA Chairperson, Vice Chairpersons, President of the NA’s Ethnic Council and heads of the NA’s committees and other members of the NA Standing Committee.

The NA should also do the same with State President and Vice Presidents; Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and other Cabinet members; Chief Judge of the Supreme People’s Court; head of the Supreme People’s Procuracy; and Chief of the State Audit Office, the committee said.

The NA’s Ethnic Council and committees should hold vote of confidence for their vice chairpersons, deputy heads and other members.

The People’s Councils will be responsible for doing so for their chairpersons, vice chairpersons and standing members, heads of their committees ; and chairpersons, vice chairpersons and members of the People’s Committees.-VNA