NA Standing Committee discusses State Audit Office’s performance, work plan hinh anh 1NA Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Hai addresses the meeting of the NA Standing Committee on September 14 morning (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – The National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee gave opinions on the 2021 performance report and the 2022 audit plan of the State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) on September 14 morning.

As of August 31, audit agencies nationwide had deployed 144 of the 211 planned audit teams, with 108 teams finishing their tasks and 83 audit reports issued. The audits were basically carried out on schedule and achieved the set targets, according to Chairman of the NA’s Committee for Financial and Budgetary Affairs Nguyen Phu Cuong.

The SAV discovered and proposed settlement of many violations related to the management and use of public finance, transferred five cases showing crime signs to police for investigation, and proposed the amendment of 205 documents that don’t match legal regulations or the reality.

It has also achieved encouraging outcomes in enhancing cooperation with foreign partners and performing many other tasks.

NA Standing Committee discusses State Audit Office’s performance, work plan hinh anh 2The September 14 sitting of the third session of the 15th NA Standing Committee (Photo: VNA)
However, the Financial and Budgetary Affairs Committee also pointed out that the issuance of the 2021 plan on corruption prevention and control was slower than expected while the implementation of some focal duties for this year has yet to be fully analysed or reported.

It requested the SAV to boost IT application, build a database with sufficient and precise information for the audit sector, improve the quality of auditing activities, and reform working methods as required in the strategy for SAV development by 2030.

Regarding the orientations and tasks for 2022, the committee asked the SAV to build and issue solutions, farm out tasks, and specify a road map for duty performance right from the year’s beginning.

NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue spoke highly of the SAV’s report and the committee’s verification report, asking for more attention to the mobilisation, allocation, and use of resources for the COVID-19 fight, along with the preparation, distribution, and disbursement of capital sources for basic construction at the central and local levels./.