Each Vietnamese citizen will get a 12 digit national identification (ID) number by 2020 under the Ministry of Justice’s draft plan, released at a recent conference in Hanoi.

At the same time, all citizens’ personal data will be uploaded to a national database, making it easier for people to fill out paperwork and cutting on administrative expenses, said the ministry’s Administration Procedure Management Department Director Ngo Hai Phan.

The ministry is currently collecting suggestions from the public before submitting the plan to the National Assembly.

A similar plan has also been implemented by the Ministry of Public Security.

“More than 3,000 residents have been given 12 digit IDs under a pilot project that will also be carried out in Hai Phong City,” said Colonel Vu Xuan Dung, Director of Residence Registration and Management for the Ministry of Public Security.

According to the justice ministry, 1,045 of the total 1,300 administration procedures require citizens to fill out application forms and declarations. Using information from the national cut database instead would cut 1,643 billion VND (over 78 million USD) in expenses.-VNA