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Hanoi (VNA) -
A broken section of the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) undersea cable linking Southeast Asia and the US has been detected in recent times, an internet service provider said on June 2.

Repairs are underway and may last until June 6.

The cable previously broke on May 14 at the S1H section connecting Vietnam with Hong Kong (China), causing interruptions to international internet traffic.

The provider said repairs to this cable were to begin on May 28 and were supposed to wrap up on June 2.

The 20,191-km AAG cable has been in use since 2009, passing through Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Hong Kong (China), the Philippines, and the US (Guam, Hawaii, and California).

The Asia-Pacific Gateway (APG) cable, meanwhile, is also in need of repair. The cable broke at the S1.7 section on May 14, causing a loss of internet connection between Vietnam and other countries. It may also have suffered a rupture at the S9 section linking Vietnam with Singapore in late April.

The cable system was put into operation at the end of 2016 in order to reduce Vietnam’s dependence on the AAG.

The 10,400 km-long APG boasts a capacity of 54Tbps - the highest of any network in Asia - and connects eight countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific region. It was funded by VNPT, Viettel, FPT, and CMC Telecom./.