The Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City’s Party Committee Le Thanh Hai hosted a reception on April 29 for the newly-accredited Archbishop Bui Van Doc.

Hai noted that the city posted a GDP growth of 7.7 percent and generated jobs for 69,800 workers in 2013 and the first months of 2014, while social and political order and safety were maintained.

The achievements were attributed to the consensus and participation of people from all social strata, including Catholic dignitaries and followers who have actively participated in charity activities and cultural life and reducing poverty sustainably, Hai added.

Recognising the contributions by Cardinal Pham Minh Man, the city’s former archbishop, as well as Catholic people to local development, Hai said he hopes Doc will continue encouraging Catholics to take part in patriotic movements to promote national unity.

Archbishop Doc extended his congratulations to the municipal leader on the occasion of the 39 th anniversary of the National Liberation Day (April 30) and the 128 th May Day (May 1).

Catholicism forms the second largest religious community in Vietnam after Buddhism, with 5.7 million followers, followed by Hoa Hao (1.4 million), Cao Dai (808,000), Protestantism (734,000), Islam (73,000), and Brahmanism (56,000).-VNA