The Prime Minister on May 4 issued Decision No. 25/2013/QD-TTg regarding regulations on making official statements and supplying information to the media, which will take effect on July 1.

Accordingly, spokespersons or those authorised to deliver official statements must be State officials who have a firm political stance, good conduct and righteous and objective attitude.

They must thoroughly grasp the function, mission, rights, organisational structure and management fields of the agencies for which they work for. They are also required to have certain knowledge of the media as well as its legal regulations.

The decision stipulates that they are responsible for offering updated and accurate information to the media in emergency cases.

Additionally, the Head and Minister of the Government’s Office will supply the media with information on the Government’s activities at a press briefing or through the Government’s web portal once a month.

Ministries, ministry-level and Government agencies, and centrally-governed municipal and provincial People’s Committees are also requested to periodically inform the media of activities under their watch.-VNA