An official document based on Vietnam's policy towards local and international immigration was made public in the capital city on Dec. 21 for the first time.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Thanh Son said that the country had experienced quite a few international immigration activities in recent years.

"More than 4 million Vietnamese people are living/working or studying in more than 100 countries across the world at present," Son said.

The minister noted that the Government's open policy towards international integration was a key factor enabling Vietnamese citizens to settle, study, work or travel abroad.

"Immigration activities among Vietnamese nationals are on the rise. They are diverse in form and complicated in nature," Son commented.

He added that, similar to other developing countries, Vietnam has been facing both opportunities and challenges arising from heavy migration.

"Promoting legal and safe immigration alongside the rights and legal interests of migrants is the unswerving policy of the Vietnamese Government," he confirmed.

According to the minister, Vietnam wants to promote its co-operation with other countries in the region and internationally via the sharing of experiences, information and data relating to immigration.

Professor Dang Nguyen Anh, consultant group team leader, provided a comprehensive report on domestic immigration activities since 1986 when the country first opened its doors to the outside world, briefing participants on existing Vietnamese legal documents based on international immigration.

In addition, Anh recommended the development of the Vietnamese legal system on migration as well as coordination and information sharing between ministries and relevant agencies as well as international partners to help improve local capacity building.

Among the participants were ambassadors from the European Union, the US , Australia and South Korea as well as representatives from Vietnamese and international organisations, including the International Organisation of Migration.

The same day an Online Immigation Portal was launched to provide information about international immigation to Vietnamese people wishing to go to other countries./.