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Nghe An (VNA)
– Ngu (fish) Island in the central province of Nghe An which looks like two fish, has become an attractive destination for tourists.

It consists of two islets. The big one is 133 metres above the sea level, whilst the small one is 88 metres above sea level. Located about 6km from Cua Lo beach, the island is surrounded by pristine beaches.

With its location, the island makes Cua Lo beach more poetic and magnificent and protects the beach from heavy storms and strong winds from the East Sea. Fishermen can find shelter in the island during stormy days.

There is also a hydro-meteorological station built on the highest place on the island, and an ancient temple to the west of the island. The Buddhist temple built in the 13th century worships Sat Hai Dai Vuong Hoang Ta Thon, a general of the Tran dynasty (1225-1400). The temple got big renovation in 2004.

The island is also home to various animals such as monkeys, wild goats, birds and rabbits.

Besides swimming and enjoying the fresh air, tourists can climb up mountain, sightsee around the island by boat and visit a fish farming area.

Along with Mat Island offshore Nghe An, Ngu Island was considered an “outpost tower” of the Vietnam People’s Army during wartime, monitoring operations of enemies’ aircraft and battleships. It was a place for ships before transporting goods to the South. So that, Ngu Island was a target for destruction of the enemy.

Fifty-three years ago, in March 1963, Company 33 of Division 324 set its base in Dao Mat to safeguard the country’s sea and sky. They shut down 11 aircraft and sunk nine warships.

In 1973, Ngu Island was honoured by the Party and State with the title “Hero of Armed Forces” title.

A monument has been built on the island to commemorate soldiers who died to protect the island.

The military force on duty on the island is working to safeguard national sea and island sovereignty while taking charge of research and rescue activities at sea./.