Rather than being staged in a theatre, the play will be staged at the actual site of the story, a unique way to introduce northern culture to tourists.

The stage of the play is 25km west from central Hanoi, close to Thay Pagoda, a special national heritage site and one of the oldest Buddhist pagodas in Vietnam.

The play features typical Vietnamese art genres including poetry, songs, music, paintings, sculptures and architecture as well as games, work, and religious activities, among others.

Hundreds of extras and real farmers recreated the daily life of northern farmers.

Hoang Nhat Nam who is director of the play said "The 55-minute play is divided into six parts introducing the Red River Delta and local people’s daily activities: a folk painting village, traditional musical instruments, ceremonial singing, and Quan Ho folk singing"

The show will start at 19:30 every day, expecting to become a tourism highlight.-VNA