As many as 543 Vietnamese students and young researchers were awarded Odon Vallet scholarships at a ceremony held in Hanoi on August 24.

The scholarships, each worth 12 million VND, were presented by Prof. Odon Vallet (who started the foundation), Prof. Tran Thanh Van and the American Nobel laureates for physics, Sheldon Glashow and David Gross.

Since 2000, Vallet and Van, the promoters of the Meet Vietnam Programme, have presented thousands of scholarships to Vietnamese students.

The scholarships help encourage and support the beneficiaries to overcome difficulties in learning while promoting the importance of basic sciences.

Earlier this year, the Association Rencontres du Vietnam (Meet Vietnam) presented 1,645 grants to local pupils, totalling over 18.8 billion VND (883,600 USD).

Prof. Vallet, a lecturer at France's Sorbonne University , inherited a 100 million EUR fortune from his father, which he uses to finance the scholarships for excellent young students in France, Vietnam, and several small countries in Africa.-VNA