Only three parties in Indonesia are likely to gain enough seats in next April’s legislative vote to nominate candidates for the July presidential election, according to an opinion poll run by the Jakarta-based Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI).

Those parties include currently the Democratic Party (DP) which leads the current ruling coalition of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Golka party, and the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (DPI-P) of former President Soekarnoputri Megawati.

In accordance with the law on presidential elections, only those political parties or coalitions that garner 20 percent of seats at the parliament or 25 percent of the popular votes will be eligible to contest the presidential election.

The survey shows that if the legislative election is held now, Golkar would secure 20.4 percent of the popular vote, PDI-P 18.7 percent, and DP 9.8 percent. Therefore, they would have to seek coalition with other parties to meet the electoral regulation.

So far, only Golkar has officially nominated its chairman Aburizal Bakrie as a presidential candidate.-VNA