Organisation re-releases key wildlife-related law enforcement guidance hinh anh 1Latest edition of ENV's  wildlife-related law enforcement guidance (Source: ENV)

Hanoi (VNA) - Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) has recently re-issued a document guiding law enforcement relating to wild animals, in response to International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22.

The document was initially published in 2018 and has been updated since.

More than 1,000 copies of this latest version will be sent to law enforcement agencies, courts, and procuracies throughout the country to support wildlife-related law enforcement efforts.

Including several legal documents that became effective in 2019, this version is expected to assist authorised agencies in dealing with common violations such as hunting, transporting, and smuggling wild animals and derivative products and handling seized wildlife or body parts.

ENV was established in 2000 as Vietnam’s first non-government organisation focused on the conservation of nature and the environment. It works to protect the environment by tackling the biggest threat to biodiversity - the illegal wildlife trade. Its mission is to end the trade in Vietnam, which has been devastating ecosystems around the world and pushing the earth closer and closer to a sixth mass extinction./.