At least 250 people have been killed and another 560 seriously injured in 530 traffic accidents nationwide during the traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) festival (from January 28 to February 4).

Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) quoted statistics from the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC) as saying that the number of traffic accidents soared by 160 in comparison to the previous Lunar New Year, but fatalities decreased by 60 with serious injuries rising by nearly 230.

The police have issued 25,865 citations with 10.8 billion VND in fines and have temporarily seized nearly 20 cars and 6,860 motorbikes.

The NTSC said during the Tet holidays, authorities and transportation businesses have implemented comprehensive measures to facilitate people’s travel to avoid serious accidents.

However, the number of traffic accidents remains high, mainly motorbike accidents in rural areas. Motorbike driver traffic safety violations included overload, not wearing helmets along with drinking while intoxicated and open container violations.

February 3-4 were the days recording highest number of fatalities. February 4 alone witnessed more than 70 traffic accidents with more than 40 deaths and over 80 injuries.

A February 3 serious car accident in Hanoi also killed four and injured one.-VNA